Humans-in-the-Loop Methodology for AI Data Mapping and Cartography

Image annotation to classify images on basis of land use category, for geospatial applications

In this webinar, iMerit Solutions Architect Mallory Marcone discusses… Emerging use cases for AI and ML in areas related to data mapping and network analysis How ML models are being used to update transportation networks and map fluctuations  How humans remain integral to these processes, including geographic and cultural contexts    Speaker: Mallory Marcone Mallory

A Clinician’s Approach To Medical AI

Medical AI - skull

In the latest installment of iMerit’s Medical AI webinar series, iMerit’s Director of Medical AI Dr. Sina Bari discusses… Opportunities and Obstacles to AI adoption in clinical practice How clinical practice informs and is informed by data science   Speaker: Sina Bari, MD Dr. Sina Bari is Director of Medical AI at iMerit and a

An Educator’s Approach to Medical AI

Annotating CT scans for Digital Radiology and Medical AI application

In the webinar, iMerit Director of Medical AI Sina Bari discusses: Challenges to creating ground truth data at scale for AI applications in the medical domain The role of trained medical data specialists in healthcare use cases How to design a curriculum and skilling framework within a high subject matter expertise like medicine   Speaker: