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White Paper: Not Lost In Translation

Annotating Data for Natural Language Processing.

  • Understand how functions like Named Entity Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, and Salience Analysis help add layers of meaning to text data and prepare it for use in Artificial Intelligence use cases.
  • Gain insight from “lessons learned” in the NLP space with the inclusion of three case studies.
  • Learn what’s next in NLP, including insights on conversational AI and multi-turn dialog.
  • Understand how iMerit can help power your NLP algorithms with linguistic data.


Getting started with Natural Language Processing:
From unstructured text to labeled corpus

Learn how to label and enrich text data to build powerful training and test datasets for machine learning.

In the webinar, iMerit Solutions Architect Teresa O’Neill will be discussing:

  • Unstructured vs. structured datasets and their uses in NLP
  • Different types of natural language labeling
  • Preparing guidelines and requirements for annotation teams

Date & time: March 3, 2020 - 11 AM (PST)

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Speaker: Teresa O’Neill

Dr. Teresa O’Neill is a Solutions Architect at iMerit specializing in language annotation services. Before joining iMerit, she worked for a decade in academia as an educator and researcher. At iMerit, she leverages her experience as a linguist with both theoretical and applied specializations to build custom human-in-the-loop annotation pipelines for customers with NLP/NLU use cases.

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