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iMerit wins Stevie for Innovation in Tech Management, Planning... Read here.

iMerit unveils White Paper on the challenges of Medical AI Data Annotation. Read here.


Learn of the benefits that make iMerit rewarding.

“AI begins with humans”. In this video, Carl Hoemke, founder and CEO of CrowdReason talks us through their successful ‘human-in-loop’ partnership with iMerit. CrowdReason is a Dallas-based company that helps enterprises digitize their unstructured tax information.


Learn more about our Machine Learning expert teams which enrich and annotate the data that powers your algorithms, and help you journey from R&D to commercial applications at scale.

Learn of the features that make iMerit purposeful.

“We do work that’s rather unique in Machine Learning, and are regarded amongst the best in quality, throughput and the complex task of training AI”.
Watch iMerit CEO Radha Basu talk about our for-profit social impact model.

Featured Podcasts

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

“Take the risk your challenge deserves”. In this podcast with Santosh Ramdoss from The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, we talk about how we find and nurture talent in unexpected places through our unique skilling model that helps train Machine Learning experts.

Intel 'AI Builders' podcast

In this new episode of the ‘Intel on AI’ podcast, we talk about how human-powered data annotation and enrichment will drive the future of AI.

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