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iMerit wins Stevie for Innovation in Tech Management, Planning... Read here.

iMerit unveils White Paper on the challenges of Medical AI Data Annotation. Read here.


Take data to the next level. iMerit annotates, segment and enrich data to help train quality AI models on time and on budget. iMerit works with machine learning use cases in a multitude of verticals with some of the world’s most innovative companies.

Street scene autonomous driving

Autonomous vehicles

Our teams perform dense pixel segmentation on 100,000 street images per day for a global automobile manufacturer. These image datasets train our client’s driverless car algorithms not just to ‘see’ but to interpret their environment and increase safety for passengers. Our teams have annotated over 2 million street images to date.

“I trust the iMerit team to proactively make decisions to pull data in when needed. The staff at iMerit
is part of our team, and the right ones to manage the operational side of our efforts.”

Director of Data Products

Research institute
in autonomous driving

Mixed reality

Our team of 40 specialized data experts have annotated over 1.5 million images to date, outlining specific areas of the human eye and hand as polygons, to help train cutting-edge mixed reality algorithms.

Mixed reality data labeling


iMerit works closely with KinaTrax, a fast-growing sports analytics startup that helps teams in Major League Baseball improve their performance through the analysis of game footage.

iMerit has created accurate 3D models for over 300 players, based on thousands of images. These models are used as the foundation for ongoing in-game analysis by KinaTrax and helped the Chicago Cubs in their historic World Series win in 2016.

“iMerit’s data annotation services are fundamental to our work at KinaTrax, enabling us to
build accurate models for hundreds of MLB pitchers and turn these models into actionable insights. We
look forward to working with iMerit for seasons to come!“

Steven Cadavid

President, KinaTrax

Cell annotation healthcare AI Medical Diagnosis


iMerit is the partner of choice for both leading medical technology companies and groundbreaking healthcare AI startups. iMerit allows these companies to train the next generation of models by doing the high-skill, high-volume manual work necessary to create medical ground truth data. Using expert supervision and deep domain knowledge, iMerit’s medical division can build and deploy these solutions at scale to take your Medical AI from the lab to the bedside.


iMerit has delivered over 12 million data points for the world’s leading eCommerce companies. Our teams improve their customers’ experience through better search results, precise product listings and an always-on, efficient customer support desk. Keep your customers safe and your marketplace data current with our business intelligence, fraud detection, review moderation, tagging and enrichment services.

E-commerce products digital customer experience
Data extraction financial information


Add clarity and insight by including missing data, cleaning existing data or combining automated data extraction processes with expert human judgment. Our expert teams enrich thousands of text datasets every month for the world’s leading financial information company. They can turn information on up to 3,500 funds per day.

“iMerit was, and continues to be, an invaluable partner for us. They provided us with accurate data
early on, which helped us get up and running with the development of our tax property software”

Brandon Von Volkenburgh

CTO & Co-Founder Crowdreason


Insurance providers can develop Machine Learning use cases to automate painful manual tasks and costly workflows. This includes claim processing, document digitization, underwriting, insurance advisory, customer acquisition and support.

Property vehicle insurance data Machine Learning

Geospatial applications

At iMerit, the unique intersection of specialized knowledge of remote sensing technology, such as satellite, aerial, and drone imagery, with broad experience across a variety of machine learning use cases enables us to produce and curate rich datasets customized for the needs of our clients.


Our annotation experts have worked on a wide variety of machine learning use cases to support ground, air and marine autonomy as well as satellite, drone and point-of-interest imagery analysis.

Defense data air ground marine autonomy
Legal research data standardization search relevance


Our teams work with the world’s leading online legal research service. Based on a set of US legal rules, we have enriched the raw information on 1 million cases, standardizing their name and matching their filing date and jurisdiction to the remediation of each case. Working on our in-house tool, our teams have achieved 99% accuracy on this project, and helped improve the search relevance of the service, providing actionable business intelligence to our client’s subscribers.


We partner with leading universities and cultural institutions on a variety of projects: from categorizing and annotating large image libraries, to digitally transcribing millions of hand-written genealogy records.

Our teams work closely with Catholic Relief Services, a global NGO dedicated to alleviating poverty around the world. We are in charge of managing their 24/7 employee support desk.

Sharing economy client tickets support

Sharing economy

Triage large volumes of client tickets in real time while maintaining speed and quality. Our teams have handled over 1.1 million queries for the world’s leading ride-hailing company.

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