It’s a Duo: Human-in-the-Loop and High-Quality Data Are Catalysts in ML and AI

In this session, Beata Kouchnir, Director of Machine Learning Science at Glassdoor and Anna Bethke, Ethical AI Data Scientist at Salesforce, discuss why human-in-the-loop and high-quality data go hand-in-hand to achieve widespread production AI applications.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the session:

  • With the proliferation of production AI, enterprises realize that when machine learning can’t solve the problem, humans need to intervene. To account for this gap, enterprises are integrating robust human-in-the-loop programs both for training the model and evaluating the performance of the model.
  • Given the state of AI today, humans-in-the-loop will always play a part. The role may only change from pre-training to a more complex post-production role like monitoring and drift detection.
  • Automation is good for dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks. Tasks that require reasoning, cognitive processing, and creativity would require human intelligence for better performance.

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