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Leverage the power of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence with a collaborative engagement with iMerit’s expert Solutions teams comprising subject matter experts across domains like healthcare, autonomous technology, Natural Language Processing, and geospatial intelligence.

THE iMERIT advantage 

Domain-specific expertise

iMerit’s team of experts offers an in-depth consultative partnership to develop guidelines and processes to extract intelligence from unstructured datasets across domains, with high levels of accuracy.

Continuous in-house skilling

iMerit’s Solutions team is closely involved with the development of curriculum and techniques for skilling a specialized workforce equipped to handle nuanced projects across verticals.

Customizable workflows

The process offers clients the chance to tailor workflows according to specific use cases and requirements, with the opportunity to scale as, and when, needed.


Computer Vision

iMerit’s expert Computer Vision teams are skilled in projects involving semantic segmentation, 2D/3D bounding boxes, polygons, object tracking and key points, and object categorization.

Natural Language Processing

Leverage the intelligence contained in text data with iMerit’s linguistic services including named entity recognition and linking, salience and sentiment analysis.

Content Services

iMerit’s content team works on a range of projects including quality control, data enrichment and deduplication.

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