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What We Do

Our flexible 24×7 support services give you the dynamic and scaleable model you need to scale seamlessly as you grow. We support your Customer Journey with Application Support, eCommerce Support, Chat, LMS support and Customer Onboarding and Verification.

How We Do It

Extensive experience. Custom workforce training. High employee engagement and low attrition. Dedicated project management and tools team. Edge case insights. 100% quality control.

Who We Do it For

We work in a variety of domains primarily with digital workflows. Our customers span large companies and startups in e-Commerce, Healthcare, Non-Profit, Sharing Economy and FinTech.

Customer Onboarding & Verification
FinTech Lending Company

The company’s clients need to be onboarded based on employment and timesheet document verification. There are frequent issues with the correct uploading and verification of data in a workflow that is entirely digital. The company did not have the resources to handle the explosive growth of customers and multiple stages of troubleshooting. Customer experience was being seriously impacted.

The  company worked with iMerit to define multiple problem queue types and a routing system for issues. iMerit’s in-house team of data experts and project managers now handle the influx of onboarding requests. iMerit built a 24×7 operation with a 15 minute SLA in order to minimize customer discomfort.

iMerit works as an extension to the customer’s team and handles a high volume of requests and a rapid growth in volume size. By having a stable, in-house team of data experts with no attrition, the iMerit team was able to identify efficiencies in the process to bring turnaround time down to an average of 10 minutes. iMerit has processed over 100,000 pieces of information for the customer and tripled the team size in 12 months. Our customer recently raised a large Series C from marquee VCs.

Catholic Relief Services
IT Support Desk

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) aspires to bring a lasting positive change to the lives of 150 million vulnerable people. The major challenge was achieving operational excellence at this large scale. CRS wanted to reorganize and centralize their entire IT communications process to receive, assign, and solve IT user requests from every office in the world, with any level of complexity. To update the heavy internal backlog in terms of incident reports and tickets, and ineffective systems across their 100 countries offices was the biggest challenge.

iMerit’s team redesigned their IT support system to receive, assign and solve global IT user requests. Our team created a global support desk for: application support and testing, data and content curation, validation, tagging and management, and the expansion and scale of product offerings.

The 360°renovation of the technical support system into a round the clock support solution facilitated 108% increase in ticket volume and hence the CSAT score. The trained staff was empowered to efficiently cater to the IT support desk of CRS with confidence.

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