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What We Do

Through Dense Pixel Segmentation, Moving Bounding BoxesFacial Key Points and LIDAR segmentation, our team helps build the training data that powers the world’s most advanced image and video algorithms.

How We Do It

Extensive experience: over 100 million images segmented and annotated. Custom workforce training. Dedicated project management and tools team. Edge case insights. 100% quality control.

Who We Do it For

Our customers use Computer Vision in diverse fields including autonomous vehicles, aerial imagery analysis, medical imagery, sports and mixed reality.


Keypoint Annotation

Our teams can mark individual points such as facial features, joint positions or landmarks.

Polygon and Bounding Box Annotation

Depending on your accuracy needs, we can identify objects using polygons or bounding boxes. Our tools can also be configured for edge-sharing and parent-child constraints, for multi-frame sequences, and for large images like aerial photography.

Image and Object Classification

We classify images or objects based on custom multi-level taxonomies.

LIDAR Segmentation

Our teams label images captured by multi-sensor cameras to build high-quality ground-truth datasets.

Object Tracking in Video

Our teams help track moving objects such as vehicles in video segments. We even correlate frames to provide visibility in occluded sections. Coming soon: automated object tracking.

Street Traffic Annotation
Semantic Segmentation

An image can be entirely segmented into its component objects and annotated. This highly detailed work is handled by our image experts, who work from our centers of excellence.


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