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Versatile Dataset Services

iMerit enriches and annotates the data that powers your algorithms.  From image transcription to the creation of ground truth datasets for machine learning, we help you extract structured insights from large volumes of unstructured data. We are focused on helping your journey from R&D to commercial application at scale. Whether you are innovating in AI or accelerating your digital transformation, iMerit is your first step towards success.

We are a Managed Services company with an in-house workforce of data experts at multiple facilities in New Orleans and India. Our US-based Solutions Architects partner with you to unpack your custom needs, integrate with your platform or create custom tools.

Your Partners in Anything 'Data'

iMerit has worked on over 100 million images to power Computer Vision algorithms. We segment and annotate objects in images using bounding boxes, polygons, key points and polylines. We work with tricky edge cases and nuanced taxonomies to give you the extra edge.

We work on language data across genres, domains, modalities, levels of structure and languages. We have annotated over 8 million linguistic data points at 97% accuracy. Our work includes named entity recognition, sentiment analysis and salience, for companies in finance, law, health care and e-commerce.

A great customer experience starts with data that organised, searchable, relevant and reliable. Our clients rely on our data experts to handle their content needs from extraction and enrichment to moderation, categorization and transcription, ensuring rich and accurate searchable catalogs. Your Digital Transformation begins with smart digital data.

Our teams help clients with projects that require them to extend their digital workforce. We design and execute tailored customer services solutions for customers worldwide, 24 x 7 and across continents. Our areas of expertise include verification, customer on-boarding and technical support in domains like FinTech, Field Services and e-Commerce.

Let Us Power Your Data

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