To improve the precision of its medical chatbot, this US technology company consulted iMerit on how to utilize and implement a new medical dataset to ensure accurate medical advice for users.

“We needed a partner who could provide the expertise to utilize this data safely.”

Principal Product Manager, Healthcare AI



Medical large language models are changing the way people research their health. After acquiring a large corpus of medical data, this American multinational technology company needed to evaluate this data for use in their consumer-facing healthcare application.


To establish a workflow for auditing the data, iMerit suggested a pilot project involving a smaller segment of the data. iMerit assembled a team of nurses to work in a consensus workflow with escalations and arbitration provided by a US Board Certified physician.


After evaluating the results, this company and iMerit discovered that with edge case discussion and guideline revision, the nurses could reach consensus in 99% of cases. This allowed the team to revise the project design to a single-vote structure with 10% audit, thereby reducing project costs by over 72%.





Project Cost Savings