Enel Group, a leading Italian electricity and gas company, works with iMerit for asset inspection of their 1.5 Million miles long electrical distribution network.

Setting up data labeling is not a trivial task. Especially in deep learning, it is perhaps one of the most delicate and critical steps with the strongest potential impact on the final result.

Mario Larcher, Head of Computer Vision, Enel Group


Manual inspection of their massive electrical distribution network to identify and classify power grid assets and detect potential issues was inefficient and error-prone, leading to considerable cost implications.


iMerit’s data experts and annotators worked with images of the electrical network across many data types, including 3D point clouds and videos for asset identification, digital twin maintenance, and worker safety projects.


We helped Enel Group achieve automatic or semi-automatic analysis of its electrical distribution network for cost savings, reduced power outages, and better energy efficiency to extend an improved consumer experience.



1.5 Mn Miles

Electrical Network Analyzed


Projects Completed


Asset Maintenance