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NEWS: iMerit opens its ninth global delivery center in Thimphu, Bhutan. Click here to learn more.


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How artificial intelligence is creating jobs in...

The Times Of India

The Times Of India explores the role of humans in AI and the need for skill and nuance as the technology matures.

A Techie Who Juggles Two Roles Flawlessly

Analytics India

Bikram Sengupta, iMerit's consultant director for research and innovation and CTO of Anudip shares insights about his life and work.

AI’s new workforce: the data-labelling industry spreads...

Financial Times

As companies are increasingly embracing artificial intelligence, a growing industry is emerging in which workers are employed to 'train' algorithms to recognise various types of data.

iMerit CEO on Leveraging the Human Element...

Business and Tech

Businesses are using Artificial Intelligence to solve a variety of organizational challenges. These solutions are highly reliant on human intelligence.

How India’s Data Labellers are Powering the...

Factor Daily

India is fast emerging as the hub of high-quality data labeling for the world's most advanced algorithms and iMerit is a part of this rocket-ship. In this new feature for Factor Daily, Anand Murali takes us behind the scenes.

iMerit on ‘BBC Click’

BBC Click

iMerit is featured in a special edition of ‘BBC Click’ the popular technology show shot in Delhi. In front of an enthusiastic young audience at Bikaner House, our CEO Radha Basu talks about AI, the future of work and the positive change iMerit creates in underprivileged communities.

Unmasking A.I.’s Bias Problem


Artificial intelligence can imitate and enhance human decision-making -- and amplify human prejudices. Can Big Tech tackle A.I.'s discrimination problem?

AI’s Little Secret: It’s Powered by People


There’s a little secret about artificial intelligence: It’s powered by hundreds of thousands of real people.

iMerit Looks to Ramp up Overseas Presence

The Hindu Business Line

On-demand digital services company iMerit will look to expand its presence in Europe, the UK, Singapore, and Japan.

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