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Powering The Next Generation Of Cars With Secure Data

Powering the Next Generation of Cars with Secure Data

Quick Facts


Public Multinational Technology Company


  • Saved employee time, allowing employees to focus on business-critical tasks
  • Thousands of accurately tagged images to use as training data for machine vision algorithms
  • High-quality tolerance: only +/- 3 pixels variance allowed, injected testing, and review phase


A large multinational technology company is working on machine vision algorithms that will power the next generation of cars. In order to ensure that the algorithms are accurately trained, and their technology can power the safest cars on the road, they need large, precise datasets. Previously, the company has tried using internal resources for tagging, but were not satisfied with the loss of company time, and would like to use their employees for business-critical tasks. They had also considered using crowdsourced platforms, but wanted to make sure that their data was guaranteed secure and confidential.


In order complete this project, Clickworker reached out to their secure partner, iMerit, who provided a secure workforce that offered many of the benefits of “the crowd” – like speed and affordability – but with enterprise-level security and quality. iMerit’s dedicated employees worked on the Clickworker platform in order to process the data and ensure quality.

In just ten days, Clickworker and iMerit came together to provide the large, dependable and secure crowd this large company needed. We returned thousands of images to the client, with the accurate tagging and enhancements necessary.

This combination of Clickworker’s platform and iMerit’s workforce ensured twice the security and quality achievable by traditional crowdsourcing alone.

About Clickworker

With more than 700,000 freelancers, so-called Clickworkers, in Europe, America and Asia, clickworker is one of the leading providers of crowdsourcing. clickworker offers scalable standardized and customized solutions relating to text production, web research, product data maintenance, surveys, categorization and tagging in 18 languages and in more than 30 target markets. All results are quality controlled, reassembled and delivered to the customer. Read more at:

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