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iMerit launches Medical AI webinar series. Click here.

iMerit unveils White Paper on the challenges of Medical AI Data Annotation. Read here.

What we do

We work on named entity recognition and linking, sentiment analysis, salience rating and speech-to-text validation. Partner with us to extract meaning from natural language processing data to build high-quality datasets in new domains.

How we do it

Extensive experience: 20 million linguistic data points analyzed. Custom workforce training. Multilingual staff. Dedicated project management and tools team. Edge case insights. 100% quality control.

Who uses it

We work with global clients in finance, law, healthcare and eCommerce. Our clients include Fortune 10 companies as well as global leaders in ride-hailing technology, speech recognition and financial information.

Natural Language Processing Data Services

We work on language data across genres, domains, modalities, levels of structure and languages. We have annotated over 20 million natural language processing data points at 97% accuracy. Our work includes named entity recognition, sentiment analysis and salience, for companies in finance, law, health care and e-commerce.

Speech To Text Validation

Speech to text validation

We can audit and rectify
automatically transcribed

Audio & Handwriting Transcription

Audio & handwriting transcription

Our teams can transcribe
audio clips including domain-
specific audio such as
earnings calls.

Grammatical & Discourse Analysis

Grammatical & discourse analysis

We can verify grammatical
components in order to train
or improve your algorithms.

Named Entity Recognition & Linking

Named entity recognition & linking

We provide the human nuance by extracting and classifying relevant named entities in varieties of text sources such as product listings, articles, tweets and customer feedbacks.

Sentiment & Intent Analysis

Sentiment & intent analysis

Your customer experience depends on accurate classification of sentiment and intent. We help improve customer trust and safety with guaranteed SLAs to ensure swift actionable insight.

Salience Analysis

Salience analysis

Identifying the most relevant elements of a text can make a huge difference in triggering the right action. Our team subjectively rates salience of entities with single or multiple judgements.

Multilingual Natural Language Processing Services

Multilingual Natural Language Processing services

Our US delivery center is fully bilingual which gives you an extra edge when working with innovative use cases in Spanish.

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