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Meet The Data Experts

Meet the Data Experts

iMerit’s Metiabruz center has no shortage of driven and talented young women redefining the role of women in their community, and blazing a trail as iMerit’s resident data experts. Four of these women take part in the Advanced Leadership Communication Training, led by Senior Communications Trainer Anita Chakrabarti. These four women – clockwise from top left, Zaheda,  Arfana, Rukhsar, and Mushtari  – are leaders among their peers, examples by which to follow. Recently, we sat  down to learn more about their journeys.

Arfana completed her Market-Aligned Skills Training (MAST) course at Anudip Foundation following her graduation, at which time she joined iMerit. After joining iMerit, she says, “[her] real life started.” Arfana began as a Data Entry Operator, and quickly moved up to the position of Team Lead at iMerit Metiabruz. In the Advanced Leadership Communication Training sessions, Arfana is jovial, happy to share with the group her thoughts and opinions. On the floor she is poised, accessible, task-oriented, and hardworking. She displays sound leadership qualities and sets an example for her juniors and colleagues.

After finishing her graduation, Rukhsar considered finding a job in Kolkata. A cousin of hers told her about an opening at iMerit, so she pursued the opportunity. She had heard that iMerit was a good office environment, and that it employed cooperative managers and support staff. Members of her family were supportive, encouraging her to pursue what they saw as a great opportunity. Rukhsar quickly completed the MAST course at Anudip, was granted an interview with iMerit, and earned the position of IT Executive, a position she holds today. On the floor, Rukhsar displays a calm and confident sense of leadership. When leading her team through a new project, whether image-matching, sentiment analysis, or something entirely new, Rukhsar remains poised, approachable, and gentle. She is a delight to work with and have as an integral part of the Advanced Leadership Communication Training.

Mushtari began her journey to iMerit through word-of-mouth knowledge from a friend of hers at school. After completing the MAST course at Anudip, Mushtari joined ExperTech Solutions as an entry-level Technician. After two months of working in this position, iMerit Chief Delivery and Development Officer Anindya Chattopadhyay called her and asked if she would be interested in being a Technical Associate at iMerit. Since then, Mushtari has advanced to the level of Senior Technical Associate. I have had the pleasure of working with Mushtari, both on the floor and in the Advanced Leadership Communication Training sessions, where her quick wit, clever mind, and conscientious spirit always add to our training sessions. As an IT expert, her know-how and contributions to the Advanced Leadership Communication Training team and the greater iMerit community are invaluable.

Zaheda has been with iMerit for quite some time. She was one of the original members of the Metiabruz team when it opened. Like the others, she also completed her MAST course from Anudip, after which she joined iMerit. Zaheda was very happy when she learned that there would be an iMerit center in Metiabruz. “We were all so happy because it had always been our dream to be more independent. We wanted to do something for ourselves and for our community. This dream came true when we learned that there would be a center here in Metiabruz,” she says. But many community members opposed the opening of the center in the beginning. Some didn’t have much faith in the idea that this center would really prove to be fruitful and supportive. But through hard work and perseverance, Zaheda and her colleagues here have changed some of these perspectives belonging to those who did not believe in their first steps. “Many people who were against this organization now appreciate these wonderful opportunities and jobs that Anudip and iMerit have created for us.”

Keep an eye out for next week’s interview with these four data experts!

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