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Doing Good is Good for Business

iMerit pursues a unique social impact for-profit model.

We know that excellence can come from any part of the world in the digital economy. Our impact sourcing and skilling model empowers a generation of youngsters while opening up a highly motivated and engaged workforce to the technology sector. With 95% retention and dramatic family income growth, iMerit transforms the social contract.

The iMerit Impact

iMerit was built on the premise that training and opportunity can turn anybody into a capable digital professional, regardless of past disadvantages.

At iMerit, we open the door for bright, underprivileged youngsters to have meaningful careers in the digital economy. We partner with Anudip Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to identifying and training marginalized young people in data and tech skills. Through this partnership, we find committed, motivated staff who can be the future of our company.

Once on board, these bright young women and men are full-time employees. They get access to health insurance. They can advance their careers. They can even get stock options. Many of our employees choose to continue their education. They are able to support their families and to encourage siblings and friends to seek training, education, and employment. Their motivation serves as a beacon to attract others to iMerit. As technology professionals and valued members of the global digital economy, they’re an inspiration not only to their communities, but to all of us at iMerit as well.

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