iMerit Product Release Notes

For September, 2023

If you are using the iMerit Ango Hub, the Ango Hub 3.6 release includes many exciting features and updates, bug fixes, and enhancements made on the platform. To stay informed about these changes and to explore our documentation, visit Ango Hub’s documentation.

Here’s what changed with the iMerit Ango Hub 3.6

New Features

Video Editor

  • Introducing our latest innovation: a cutting-edge video and DICOM ultrasound editor, complete with a comprehensive timeline showcasing all your annotations. Read more in our docs.
  • In our latest update, segmentations now undergo interpolation within video labeling tasks.

Issue Management

  • You can now address concerns at a granular level by opening issues directly at the object level.
  • Additionally, we’ve introduced the capability for issues to be accompanied by custom error codes, enhancing precision and clarity in problem identification.
  • Learn about custom error codes in our docs


  • You now have the ability to mute notifications, giving you control over your alert preferences. This feature empowers you to manage your workflow more effectively by reducing interruptions when needed.


  • Asset metadata is now automatically extracted from files when they are first opened in the labeling editor.



  • The project overview data normally only shown in the project dashboard can be downloaded with the SDK.


  • All annotations in a task can now be hidden and revealed at once with Shift+H.

Image Editor

  • The performance of segmentation actions such as erase, merge, and subtract has been drastically improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a significant bug on Ango Hub, enhancing performance across numerous projects.
  • Addressed a concern where the segmentation eraser tool caused unintended shifts in the entire segmentation.
  • Rectified an issue displaying incorrect user roles on the Organization page.
  • Fixed a problem hindering batch filtering during the export process.

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