iMerit Product Release Notes

For December, 2023

Since our last release in September, we’ve been actively working on enhancing the iMerit Ango Hub by introducing new plugins, features, and improvements. This encompasses the integration of ChatGPT and DALL-E, enhancements to our medical labeling editor, the addition of new consensus features, labeling tools, and various other updates. Here’s a comprehensive overview of all the changes that have taken place in the Ango Hub over the past two months.

To stay informed about these changes and to explore our documentation, visit Ango Hub’s documentation.

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ChatGPT & DALL-E Plugins

  • With the ChatGPT plugin, ChatGPT can help annotators summarize, analyze, and process text.
  • ChatGPT can read text assets, text classification, or entities and provide its output in a text classification of your choice.
  • With the DALL-E plugin, DALL-E can automatically create and upload new images as assets to your project based on your prompt.

Radiology Labeling Editor

  • Named key points are now available in the medical labeling editor. Add key points anywhere in 3D space and name them. Read more in our docs.
  • Segmentations can now overlap in the radiology tool.
  • Logical operations such as add, subtract, invert, and more can be performed on segmentations in the radiology tool. Read our docs for more on logical operators.
  • The 3D view in the radiology editor can now be panned with Ctrl + drag.

Video and Image Labeling Editor

  • Added Pen Mode to the Brush tool, enabling brush traces to be drawn by their border. Read more in our docs.
  • Added support for magnetic lasso in the video and ultrasound labeling editors.
  • Issues in multi-image assets may span more than one page.
  • A progress bar is now shown when large image files are loading.
  • The video labeling editor’s buffering and metadata extraction processes have been improved for large files.

Other Labeling Editor Changes

  • You can now jump to the location of objects where object-level issues were created in PDFs.
  • Answers of multiple classifications now show a numerical index next to their title, enabling easy identification of answers.
  • Multiple classification answers are now also collapsible.


  • Added spell-checking for free text classification inputs
  • Performance improvements in the audio labeling editor for large file sizes
  • The text labeling editor has been re-written from scratch, including performance improvements allowing users to navigate multi-megabyte text files with hundreds of annotations

Plugin & Project Management Improvements

  • Plugins can be made private to only selected organizations
  • Introducing Dynamic Consensus. Consensus stages marked as dynamic are only activated when the task does not meet the threshold in the other stages
  • Hub now shows a warning if there are unconnected workflow stages
  • You can now obtain your export in a private storage bucket of your choice (Read more in our docs)
  • In consensus stages with shuffle enabled, submitted tasks will be sent to the labeling or plugin stage with the least number of tasks

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing plugin presets from being saved correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where Markdown files would show with the wrong formatting.
  • Fixed a bug where label validation would display incorrect messages.
  • Fixed a bug where some Nifti files were not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where cloning unknown relations in multi-page assets could cause a crash.


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