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Scalable data pipelines

Progress iteratively from initial R&D to the launch of commercial applications with our elastic workforce of in-house data experts. Our teams are structured around a core expert team plus a flexible team: this lets us scale quickly as your projects ramp up.

We know that each data set is special: edge cases, iterations and special constraints present challenges that are unique to each project and to each client. Work with our Solution Architects and Project Managers for an enterprise-grade data partnership, cutting-edge insights and faster iterations, customized to each data set.

in the loop

The nexus of man and machine is the future of work. As digital transformation accelerates, human intelligence is still key in building scalable algorithms in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Our US-based sales executives and domain expert Solutions Architects work closely with our global customers to deliver results at above-industry standards of speed, quality and security.

Our technology

We are technology-agnostic and easy to work with. Depending on project needs, we work directly on client platforms, on our in-house tools or on third-party tools. Our Solutions Architects work with clients to identify the most scalable workflow suited to their unique needs.

iMerit Platform

Client Platform

Third-party Platform

Scalable platforms

Our in-house delivery platform enables quality and output monitoring at the highest level of precision, for every single data point. We have delivered more than 30 client projects to date on our platform, including polygon, keypoint and bounding box annotation as well as receipt transcription and tooling solutions for eCommerce.

Through our close partnerships with AWS and Figure8, we can also deliver immediate results on platforms that are widely used by data teams all over the world.

Our skilling model

Skilling and learning are at the core of the iMerit process. In the past years, we have skilled thousands of next-generation digital workers who have become continuous, agile learners.

We constantly train our teams so they can deliver results at the highest level of precision, with the fastest turnaround times, and across a variety of use cases.

 I always prefer promoting a self-learning attitude, so I try and understand how I can develop that by proactively working with them and helping them understand how they can skill themselves. 

Anindya Chattopadhyay

Chief People Development Officer

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