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Driving Global Development Through Social Responsibility

Driving Global Development Through Social Responsibility

iMerit’s dedication to connecting marginalized youth and women with global digital employment opportunities was featured in Devex Impact.

iMerit is part of a growing movement in companies and organizations seeking to direct what is a $300 billion outsourcing industry towards people in developing countries seeking skills and employment opportunities. “Socially responsible outsourcing,” where technology is used to connect poor and marginalized communities to digital work, forms part of the future of work.

This future of work features young mend and women benefiting from the fast-pasted tech industry to get out of poverty.

iMerit and other organizations in this movement – like Samasource and Digital Divide Data – hope that this impact-ledmodel of building supply chains and meeting critical business needs will create a system where socially-conscious decisions are the norm.

In the end, this could open up millions of highly relevant opportunities for a wide range of communities around the world.

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