High-quality Data Labeling Services for Machine Learning And AI

iMerit is among the world’s leading data labeling companies, and is a trusted partner for enterprise-grade Machine Learning datasets annotated with consistent quality on time and on budget.

  1. Expertise-led Quality: Specialized data labeling teams deliver the highest quality data in the industry with scale and affordability
  2. Flexibility: iMerit is tool-inclusive and can use client data labeling tools, internal tools, or third party tools
  3. End-to-end services: Customized end-to-end data labeling workflows that integrates with your project needs
  4. Security: iMerit is SOC 2 compliant and ISO27001:2013 certified, with secure and monitored facilities

Data scientists trust iMerit data labeling


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"iMerit is an invaluable partner, providing us with accurate data which helped us develop our property tax software."

Brandon Van Volkenburgh, CTO & Co-founder, CrowdReason

Client testimonial from Crowdreason, a technology services company providing property tax software


iMerit data labeling services help power advanced algorithms in Machine Learning and AI.

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