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Data Annotation for Digital Radiology

Training machine learning models on medical imaging is far more challenging than other images. Occlusion in medical imaging makes it difficult for AI to analyze anterior and posterior portions. Not to mention, multiple formats, like DICOM, TIF, Leica, etc., make it laborious to add annotations to them.

Also, due to differing views and volumes, bringing consistency and removing bias in the model becomes next to impossible.

We are iMerit

At iMerit, we support your ML journey from training data to regulatory validation.

With our extensive tooling ecosystem, we extend custom workflows for our healthcare clients, assisted by a network of medical experts for cost-efficient scaling. HIPAA-compliant and regulatory-oriented tools protect data and ensure product success.

Delivering High Quality Data

We empower AI/ML teams across the healthcare industry to customize and deliver flexible annotation workflows to accommodate any project need.

  • iMerit’s curriculum-driven workforce enables quality, scalability and efficiency. 
  • Specialized medical annotators work hand-in-hand with experts in hybrid workflows.
  • US board-certified physicians are available for benchmarking and validation.
  • HIPAA-compliant annotation processes will ensure data stays protected and secure.
  • Our regulatory-grade processes ensure AI-assisted products get FDA 510K clearance.
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"iMerit is a leading vendor and innovator in the data labeling market in the United States, contributing to significant developments in the market. "

360i Research 2022

Medical AI Data

Common Use Cases

Covid-19 Diagnosis

With our team of specialized annotators, we have worked on several Non-contrast Chest CTs on 3D pathology classification and segmentation for Covid Pneumonia. The expert quality helps with identification of new Covid-19 strains.

Neuro Triage

To support the AI-based detection of malignant brain tumors by analyzing Contrast Head CT, our expert annotators have worked with several healthcare companies on classification and tool-assisted segmentation on a consensus workflow.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Breast ultrasound analysis, classification, and segmentation using Smart Scissors require experts with advanced training and expertise for highly accurate annotations. We use a 3-step, hybrid, and dual-shore workflow on such complex projects.

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