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iMerit wins Stevie for Innovation in Tech Management, Planning... Read here.

iMerit unveils White Paper on the challenges of Medical AI Data Annotation. Read here.

What we do

Our flexible 24/7 support services gives you the dynamic and scalable model you need to scale seamlessly as you grow. We support your customer journey with application support, eCommerce support, chat, LMS support and customer onboarding and verification.

How we do it

Extensive experience. Custom workforce training. High employee engagement and low attrition. Dedicated project management and tools team. Edge case insights. 100% quality control.

Who uses it

We work in a variety of domains primarily with digital workflows. Our customers span large companies, nonprofits and startups in eCommerce, healthcare, finance and the sharing economy.

Customer Services

Our teams help clients with projects that require them to extend their digital workforce. We design and execute tailored customer services solutions for customers worldwide, 24/7 and across continents. Our areas of expertise include verification, customer on-boarding and technical support in domains like finance, field services and eCommerce.

Customer Support

Customer support

Our 24/7 teams provide the
level of chat, process or non-
voice support you need to
keep your customers happy.
Our long history of working
with non-profit clients has
given us a unique insight into
customer empathy.

Technical Support

Technical support

Our Customer Service team
provides learning management
systems, content and mobile
app support.

Onboarding Support

Onboarding support

Onboarding is one of the most
critical phases of the customer
journey. Whether it’s application
processing, document verification
or fraud prevention, we provide your
customers with the empathy and
flexibility that the digital era

Back Office Support

Back office support

Human interaction remains
an essential part of the
customer journey, even in a
time of rapid digital
transformation. We make
sure key processes like
claims processing,
verification, change
management and payment
processing go through as
smoothly as possible.

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