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CrowdFlower’s Train AI: Focusing On The Other 90%

CrowdFlower’s Train AI: Focusing on the Other 90%

Today is the day! The iMerit team is very excited to be attending CrowdFlower’s Train AI conference again this year as a premiere NDA partner and Silver Sponsor. iMerit partners with CrowdFlower to offer you a secure option for your sensitive and critical data projects through iMerit’s curated team of over 800 in-house data experts.

There are so many great Artificial Intelligence conferences to attend every year. While many conferences will focus on the algorithms, Train AI takes a different approach focusing on the other 90% of the work, the data preparation, training data, and feature deployment.

What to look forward to at Train AI

There are so many great speakers at this year’s event. Here are a few that we are really looking forward to hearing from.

Creating Software with Machine Learning: Challenges and Promise

Peter Norvig, the Director of Research at Google will be how the traditional programmer’s role is being replaced by a trainer. The trainer’s role is to show the computer examples until it learns to complete the task. Peter will explore the exciting opportunities that this shift presents.

Computer Vision: helping machines see and understand the world

Lukas Biewald, the founder of CrowdFlower, will be going over all of the changes that CrowdFlower has experienced over the past year from deep learning and computer vision applications. He’ll be talking about use case from a variety of industries including healthcare, self-driving cars, drones, and animal conservation using tools that support their customer’s labeling and human-in-the-loop workflows.

Amplifying machine learning with human intelligence

Toby Segaran, the Director of Engineering at Reddit will explore ways that human intelligence can be used during the process of optimization, topic modeling, and entity resolution to improve algorithmic results as they’re happening. This stems from the fact that the most common approaches to using machine learning often uses humans to initially label a dataset for training and quality checks.

Reaching unparalleled quality with human-in-the-loop

Maran Nelson is the Co-Founder & CEO at Clara Labs. She will be discussing how human-in-the-loop processes are increasingly the best pathway to reach a high-achieving system. Maran will discuss the implementation of this hybrid structure that takes what works best in AI and humans and creates outperforming products.

Tackling The Limits of Deep Learning

Rochard Socher, the Chief Scientist at Salesforce, will be discussing the problems and limitations of Deep Learning. In this talk, Richard will be going over solutions to some of these including: How to predict previously unseen words at test time, how to have a single input and output encoding for words, how to grow a single model for many tasks, and how to use a single end-to-end trainable architecture for question answering.

Are you Attending Train AI?

If you’re at the event today, be sure to stop by the iMerit booth, say hi to our awesome team, and learn about how iMerit partners with CrowdFlower to offer NDA Channel services. If you have data labeling projects that are sensitive or require a high degree of security, come chat with us!

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