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CrowdFlower & IMerit Partner To Offer A New Standard Of Trust

CrowdFlower & iMerit Partner to Offer a New Standard of Trust

iMerit is thrilled to announce a new partnership with CrowdFlower. In response to the growing need for secure, confidential data enrichment, iMerit and CrowdFlower will team up to provide clients with a secure platform and a secure workforce to tackle many data enhancement needs.

Until now, data science teams needing huge human-curated datasets were faced with a tough trade-off: use scarce internal resources, which can be expensive and come at a high cost, or use the external crowd, which may not always satisfy confidentiality needs. Now, this new partnership enables CrowdFlower customers to work with iMerit teams trained in data confidentiality standards and committed to non-disclosure, working in secure environments. Businesses will benefit from the speed and flexibility of the crowd, but can rest assured knowing that their secure information is in good hands.

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