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iMerit launches Medical AI webinar series. Click here.

iMerit unveils White Paper on the challenges of Medical AI Data Annotation. Read here.

What we do

Your customer experience relies on taking a large amount of unstructured data and making it searchable, understandable, reliable and relevant. We help you validate, enrich, moderate and tag your data so that it can best serve your product.

How we do it

Extensive experience: over 10 million data points enhanced. Custom workforce training. Dedicated project management and tools team. Edge case insights. 100% quality control.

Who uses it

We help customers in eCommerce, finance, data aggregation and the sharing economy, with social media moderation, product listings, taxonomies, attribute mining and moderation.

E-commerce content Services

Our clients rely on our data experts to handle their e-commerce content needs from extraction and enrichment to moderation, categorization and transcription, ensuring rich and accurate searchable catalogs.

Data Mining & Enrichmen

Data mining & enrichment

Find and extract the right data to enhance the relevance of your listings. We gather all the relevant information about your listing so that the product has a comprehensive description.

Data Matching

Data matching

Product data matching can quickly bring your listing up to speed versus the competition.

Data Deduplication

Data deduplication

Reduce customer frustration and efforts to game your product search by quickly de-duplicating and cleansing redundant listings.

Moderation & Verification

Moderation & verification

Keep your marketplaces and aggregated data sites safe and reliable under our watchful eyes. Our work includes not-safe-for-work tagging and forum moderation.

Extraction & Tagging

Extraction &tagging

Build the right searchable tags for your data from images or listings, using standard or non-standard taxonomies, to cover a range of themes and emotions that the customer can search for.

Image & Object Classification Computer Vision Service


Our teams can rapidly and accurately categorize your e-commerce content by multiple attributes for any end purpose.



Extract readable and usable data from OCR or scanned documents

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