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iMerit wins Stevie for Innovation in Tech Management, Planning... Read here.

iMerit unveils White Paper on the challenges of Medical AI Data Annotation. Read here.

The Challenge of Med AI Annotation

In 2020, global healthcare systems have accelerated operations to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and leveraged technologies including AI to meet the medical needs of the tens of thousands affected. AI in healthcare has been pushed into action and demand for its deployment across a host of medical disciplines has grown. Can AI bring healthcare the coveted triple win proposition, can it be good for providers, patients, and payers? Many believe it can. A crucial factor in successful training and deployment of models is the availability of structured datasets, enriched by specialists with a deep understanding of the medical domain.

Read the White Paper to:

  • Understand the medical domains where Computer Vision is being leveraged
  • Delve deeper into explainable AI and its increased importance in medicine
  • See how AI has been put to work in the COVID-19 research efforts
  • Follow the process of building a workforce of domain specialists in the medical imaging field
Med AI Annotation
Use cases

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