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Celebrating Our Partnerships!

Celebrating our Partnerships!

Last week, hundreds of workers across iMerit’s centers – from Metiabruz and Salt Lake in Kolkata, to Baripur and Ranchi – took buses, bikes, autos, and their own feet to office extra bright and early for a special occasion. After years of working together on projects ranging from machine learning, to sentiment analysis, to data cleaning, iMerit teams were finally going to (e-)meet their counterparts at Crowdflower!

A leading data enrichment platform, Crowdflower has been a key partner of iMerit in delivering large, secure data projects to clients around the world. The partnership has strengthened the work of both iMerit and Crowdflower, and has led to close personal relationships between team members working hard to make sure data is clean and ready to go! On this particular December morning in Kolkata, and evening in San Francisco, these teams joined together via video chat from their respective offices for an hour of conversation, singing and even dancing. Crowdflower teams showed off a high-energy Bhangra routine, and iMerit staff performed dances and songs for their Bay Area friends. We chatted about pop culture, places to visit in India, places to see in the US, and favorite foods. iMerit CEO, Radha Basu, joined the celebration, expressing her gratitude and excitement.

We can’t wait for more exchanges like these, building personal and professional bridges between Silicon Valley and the world!

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