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iMerit new Webinar series on Medical AI begins on June 4. Click here.

iMerit unveils White Paper on Autonomous Vehicle development. Read here.

IMerit Anniversary

iMerit Celebrates Social Impact and Job Creation in India

iMerit was proud to celebrate our 5th anniversary earlier this week in an emotional event held in Kolkata. iMerit’s sister company, the Anudip Foundation was also celebrating their 10th anniversary. While reflection on the great work that the teams at both organizations accomplish was the main theme of the celebration, there were undertones of emotion fueled by the social impact stories heard throughout the day.

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Gender Equality

What We’ve Learned About Gender Equality

Having more women in the room is powerful. Whether as engineers, board members, or VCs and more, increased gender diversity in technology is good ethics and good business. For example, increasing women’s participation on boards significantly improves financial performance. Women working as VCs increases start-up success and industry performance. Even small increases women’s workforce…

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