Radha Basu On The Need To Make AI Ubiquitous, Not Unique

April 08, 2022

In an interview with NASSCOM’s INDIAai, Radha Basu, Founder and CEO of iMerit, highlights the need to make AI universal, rather than unique, as well as critical aspects for creating a unified AI digital ecosystem.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the article:

  • AI technologies are quite transformative because they allow us to bring computing intelligence and human intelligence together. It is the nexus of both, every step of the way. The two need to advance together. What makes AI really difficult to go into production is the fact that after you have the models, you have a large number of edge cases; that is where human intelligence becomes so critical.
  • Most technologies that we have started with have become so ubiquitous they are a part of our existence now, such as cell phones. It is no longer for an elite few; it is really societal. AI has the ability and the potential to do that. We can see the societal applications of AI in medicine, precision agriculture, sensors looking at crops, and determining how much water is needed and even anti-poaching projects with wildlife.
  • AI needs to be made inclusive. We need to work with people hand in hand and with the right guiding principles. It is essential to talk about the AI careers and growth in AI careers at the school level and as people get into colleges. We shouldn’t write about AI being unique or that it is one-of-a-kind. It has to become ubiquitous.

Read the complete article here: Women in AI: iMerit’s Radha Basu on the need to make AI ubiquitous, not unique

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