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Jul 15, 2021

15 Crazy AI Experiments to Try Online Today

Imaginative developers around the world are trying their hardest to tear the veil off of artificial intelligence. In doing so,

Jul 15, 2021

Top 25 Twitter Datasets for Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Social media data is a top asset for anyone training ML algorithms. While aggregating this data can be troublesome, teams

Jul 15, 2021

The 60 Best Free Datasets for Machine Learning

Datasets serve as the railways upon which machine learning algorithms ride. Without them, any machine-learning algorithm will fail to progress

Jul 15, 2021

Picking the Best ML Optimizer

In a previous blog, we discussed using mini batches to make your training more efficient. Something else that can speed

Jul 8, 2021

2021 State of AI Report: Key Takeaways

Appen recently released The 2021 State of AI and Machine Learning report, highlighting the prevailing approaches to data management and

Jul 7, 2021

Structure Your Process to Reduce Training Time

Training data, carefully selected and accurately annotated, is a prerequisite for Machine Learning. Generally, the more training data the better.

Jun 28, 2021

An Exclusive Sneak Peek at Our Autonomous Vehicle Data Labeling

Data labeling isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It’s a laborious, highly specified process that determines the success of

Jun 28, 2021

Case Study: Is your self-driving vehicle safe and ethically trained?

Customer: Top AV Technology Company This company relies on iMerit to generate the maximum value from their data to account

Jun 25, 2021

U.S. Department of Defense Reaffirms Artificial Intelligence Ethical Principles

A top priority for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is implementing responsible artificial intelligence (RAI). The DoD Deputy Secretary

Jun 23, 2021

How to Scale Your Training Data Pipeline

It’s a fact of life: machine learning models need data. But not just any data will do; the data must

Jun 23, 2021

5 Steps to Guarantee a Successful Data Labeling Program

Budgeting, Building, and Scaling Data Labeling Operations A common mistake recognized by AI industry heavyweights is underestimating data labeling efforts.

Jun 23, 2021

How Edge Cases Hinder Autonomous Vehicle Development

Since 1913, automobiles have been mass manufactured. The ensuing years saw the mass adoption of the automobile across the world.