Leveraging AI to Prepare for Pandemics: Key Takeaways

July 12, 2022

The Covid pandemic affected lives drastically, tested healthcare systems, slowed down economies, changed the way we work, and disrupted lives. How do we prepare for the future?

In a special guest feature with ET HealthWorld, Dr. Jaideep Jesson Rayapudi, Sr. SME – Healthcare AI at iMerit, highlights how technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) can help prepare for future pandemics and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the article:

  • The ability of AI to assimilate data, digest and analyze it to predict future pandemics and disease spreads is vital. With enough data, we can predict the impact of diseases and lay out control protocols using AI-led systems. Similarly, AI can help in contact tracing and monitoring infected cases to further predict and curb the spread of disease.
  • AI algorithms can carry out first-level screenings to find the subtle details that may be signs of underlying issues and refer individuals to specialists. Beyond AI systems to analyze data derived from medical tests, the potential of implantable AI systems is even higher.
  • While AI and computational techniques can optimize vaccine development and drug discovery, they cannot replace or speed up crucial aspects like animal and human trials and monitoring their progress, which needs human intelligence.

Read the complete article here: Can Artificial Intelligence prevent movement of infectious diseases?

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