How iMerit’s #WomenInData have Adapted to Remote Work

March 08, 2021

Working women usually have to juggle multiple tasks of the workplace and home. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, women did three times more unpaid care work than men, worldwide. As the pandemic measures kept people at home, closed schools and day-care facilities, the burden of unpaid care and domestic work exploded for countless women. But to keep employees safe as well as save costs, several companies have announced long-term plans for working from home. As the work-from-home culture is here to stay, women at iMerit have shared ways through which one can improve their work productivity at home.

Setting timers to reward yourself with a 10 minutes break to get some fresh air or make a cup of coffee. The idea is to take a screen break, so no swapping one screen for another by immediately picking up the phone!

– Sukla Das, Project Lead
Sukla Das
Kalyani Kumari

Maintaining a To-Do checklist for both household and office work and using week offs only for personal work.

– Kalyani Kumari, Senior Trainer

Beginning your day with some physical & mental exercises to boost your concentration power. I also break my workday into 2 to 3 hour chunks with a break thrown in between. These breaks help me attend to any important household chores.

– Sanghamitra Chanda, AGM – Projects
Sanghamitra Chanda
Supriya Subudhi

Preparing a daily schedule which includes fixed timings for both office work and household chores.

– T Supriya Subudhi, Senior Trainer

Designating a proper workspace at home to avoid distractions.

– Ayesha Das, Account Development Representative
Ayesha Das
Khusboo Perween

Educating family members about the importance of your work and schedule so that they do not bother you unnecessarily. Regular interaction with team members and sharing good thoughts and ideas also keep us motivated.

– Khusboo Perween, Project Lead

Starting my work early in the morning and trying to complete most of it when my daughter is sleeping or busy. I also schedule any meetings and discussions in the part of the day when again my daughter is asleep. I am flexible with work at night, during after office hours, so that I can balance my job and care of my daughter.

– Sonia Chatterjee Chakraborty, Lead HR-Audit & Compliance
Sonia Chatterjee Chakraborty
Krushnarani Nayak

The English enhancement sessions and spoken english classes provided by iMerit during the lockdown helped me improve my communication skills.

– Krushnarani Nayak, Jr. Team Lead

iMerit’s wellness sessions encouraged me to stay fit by exercising regularly and eating healthy.

– Yeshi Choden, Junior Officer
Yeshi Choden
Shamima Khatoon

Being a part of iMerit, I realized that my organization is trying hard to support its employees for a smooth work-life balance. I feel blessed to work with this company. Thank you iMerit!

– Shamima Khatoon, Assistant Manager – Operations

I have a separate room for my work as I have a one year old baby. I enjoy working from home as I can cuddle my baby anytime.

– Mushtari Fatma, Sr. Technical Support Executive