How AI is Transforming the Future of HR: Key Takeaways

July 12, 2022

Organizations today are increasingly adopting technology for HR departments to automate and streamline processes. The work of HR departments can be significantly advanced using technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. What is required is the readiness of people to collaborate with processes and technologies.

In a special guest feature with ETHR World, Shrijata Basu Saha, Director – HR at iMerit, highlights the need for AI in HR and the challenges in adopting AI for HR functions.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the article:

  • Beyond automation and streamlining of the processes, AI can analyze a wide range of data and inputs regarding employee behavior to spot patterns and generate insights that enable good decision-making in a timely manner. AI solutions can thus transform HR and empower teams to enhance employee wellbeing and business decisions.
  • Workplaces have evolved dynamically. They are increasingly dispersed and no longer confined to offices and cubicles, making it challenging for the HR department to communicate, connect and engage with employees. Breakthroughs in computer vision, natural language processing, and complex games can build employee engagement systems centered on recognition, social networking, and collaborative working through discussion rooms and breakouts.
  • While AI could add immense value to HR functions and subsequently to organizations, there are a few hurdles in its way. Employees may question the credibility and efficiency of AI systems. Especially in AI for HR, keeping humans truly in charge of AI-based tools is critical. Organizations must keep upskilling and reskilling the workforce for a digital-first ecosystem.

Read the complete article here: How AI is Transforming the Future of HR

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