DataOps, The Future of Healthcare Automation: Key Takeaways

December 24, 2021

iMerit’s Director of Medical AI, Sina Bari M.D. provides some critical insights into the importance of DataOps in the future of healthcare automation in his article on ET Healthworld. 

As healthcare takes center stage across the globe, there is a need to address challenges and streamline the ecosystem to deliver fiscal impact and timely care.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the article:

  1. The pandemic uncovered the shortcomings of healthcare systems and underscored three data-related flaws: Difficulty in real time data analysis and insights; challenge on extracting, integrating and standardising data generated in the ecosystem; and complexities in using data to monitor and manage resources and integrations due to budgetary constraints and staffing issues.
  2.  Intelligent, data-driven insights can enable organisations to predict the right clinician mix needed for a specific department. It can create a value-based ecosystem by automating clinical operations such as investments in physician recruiting, clinical staff scheduling and clinical systems change seamlessly.
  3. DataOps can assist in creating patient-centric systems to deliver enhanced operating processes and better customer engagement. Such DataOps-led architecture can help assess tools and capabilities to identify and recommend patient-centric approaches to improve connectivity, engagement and collaboration with patients.

Read the complete article here: DataOps: The Future of Healthcare Automation

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