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iMerit and AWS

iMerit and AWS SageMaker Ground Truth partner to make the creation of
training data easy, scalable, and secure.

iMerit partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide data labeling &
annotation services to customers using Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth.
Ground Truth is a capability of Amazon SageMaker that makes it easy for
customers to efficiently and accurately label the datasets required for
training their Machine Learning models.

Ground Truth makes it possible for customers to spin up annotation tasks
within their own AWS account and to connect those tasks to our secure
in-house India or US workforces on the AWS Marketplace.

We have collected a set of best practices for you to use SageMaker Ground
Truth with iMerit’s workforce.

iMerit services on AWS

Image annotation

Semantic segmentation

2D/3D bounding boxes


Key points






Named entity recognition
& linking


Global workforce

Our team of 2,500
labelers and growing is
based in the US and India.


We charge per unit labeled
on the marketplace, billed
through your AWS account.

Flexible & scalable

We have worked on a wide
range of workload sizes &
subjective use cases.

Operational expertise

Dedicated project
management, trained
specialist teams and
in-house managed quality.


SOC 2 compliant &
employees under NDA.

Resources to get started

Advantages of AWS SageMaker Ground Truth & getting started

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