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iMerit new Webinar series on Medical AI begins on June 4. Click here.

iMerit unveils White Paper on Autonomous Vehicle development. Read here.

Working on autonomous vehicle technology?

iMerit partners with three of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers; it helps them deploy autonomous vehicle initiatives accurately, securely and with operational efficiency.

It provides an end-to-end data solution for 2D and 3D imagery:

  • Preparing data for ground truth annotation
  • Facilitating quality ground truth data enrichment
  • Testing datasets to validate predictions

The iMerit team has expertise in nuanced use cases including landmark annotation, bounding boxes, polygon annotation, semantic segmentation, LiDAR, and panoptic segmentation.


Full-time autonomous vehicle data experts


Data points enriched for AV use cases


Auto giants leverage iMerit for their AV deployment.

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“Traveling to India was great. Meeting members of the iMerit deployment team showed how incredibly knowledgeable the workforce is. It’s a great team. I trust them to proactively make decisions to pull data in when needed. They are part of our team, and the right people to manage the operational side of our efforts.”

Director of Data Products for Research Institute in Autonomous Driving

iMerit Services

iMerit’s advanced workforce extracts intelligence from 2D and 3D images and video to power the development and deployment of autonomous vehicle technology, accurately, securely and with operational efficiency.


Bounding Boxes

Enable vehicles to identify and classify objects needing to be recognized.


Polygon Annotation

Train vehicles to identify the shape of objects, using precisely annotated data.

Instance & Semantic Segmentation

Instance & Semantic Segmentation

Detect desired objects within an image at the pixel level.



Transform multi-sensor camera imagery into high-quality ground-truth datasets.

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Global clients

IMerit's Data Labeling Work
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IMerit's Advanced Workforce

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