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IMerit Anniversary

iMerit Celebrates Social Impact and Job Creation in India

iMerit was proud to celebrate our 5th anniversary earlier this week in an emotional event held in Kolkata. iMerit’s sister company, the Anudip Foundation was also celebrating their 10th anniversary. While reflection on the great work that the teams at both organizations accomplish was the main theme of the celebration, there were undertones of emotion fueled by the social impact stories heard throughout the day.

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Cool Companies Doing Innovative Things In Geospatial AI

Have you ever found a photo and weren’t sure where it was taken? Wondered what certain parts of the world look like? Needed to monitor changes in landscape over time?

These are some big problems that AI and Deep Learning are helping to solve in the geospatial industry. Some believe that Geospatial is the golden thread that links many of the large datasets and is at the heart of making sense of them.

By classifying, tagging, labeling maps and satellite images, companies in the geospatial industry can leverage machine learning to track and identify various interests. Here are some cool companies doing innovative things in Geospatial AI.

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O’Reilly AI Conference Buzz: AI is the New Electricity

Last week, the iMerit team was fortunate enough to sponsor and attend the O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference in San Francisco. The sold-out event brought together business leaders and AI innovators from across the industry to discuss where AI is today and where applied AI is headed.

This conference was one of the highlights of our year so far. It stands out for the lineup of speakers, great vendors, and engaged audience from across all fields, from logistics and manufacturing to health and media. The conference featured cutting-edge science and business implementation, focusing on topics like increased AI accessibility, innovations in AI techniques, and how AI is driving a paradigm shift in computing itself.

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