Our motivation is your edge.

Why iMerit venndiagram

What moves people to do a great job? What makes them want to be better not just one day, but every day? Ours is a story of cultivation and motivation. For us, it’s personal. Here’s what makes us different.


A machine can’t fulfill all of a client’s needs. Data services require highly-skilled personnel, trained to the highest standards, able to understand a client’s needs and ready to deliver 24 hours a day. It isn’t about clouds or crowds. It’s about a personalized – we call it personnelized — service delivered by real people with world-class abilities.


iMerit’s management team has decades of experience in new technologies, data services and diverse global companies. They continue to seek more. At our Kolkata headquarters, projects are led and delivered by seasoned industry veterans who are disciplined, knowledgeable and proactive. They’re great mentors for our staff, too. In the US, our account managers act as continuous points of contact for our clients, scoping and defining problem statements, building solutions and processes to manage the data journey, providing insights and identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring that communication is clear at all times.


At iMerit, we created our own Kolkata-based academy that trains staff to the highest standards with a focus on data tasks. This is our way of ensuring that everyone who works on our clients’ business is not only extremely skilled, but also intensely motivated. Only the academy’s top performers work on client projects. Once they begin to succeed, they are given continuous training and continuous opportunities to expand their skills. That way can we ensure that they’re at the forefront of world trends and client service.


Our staff retention levels are above 95 percent. No one in the industry can match this. Our employees aren’t passengers who will flit to something new a few months later. Instead, it’s their personal goal not only to deliver for our clients, but to stay ahead of the rest of the world. Having previously experienced economic hardship, they see iMerit as the pathway to bright futures for themselves, their families, and their communities.