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[Research] Big Data Drives Boom For Microwork and Impact Sourcing

A recent study released by development consulting firm Banyan Global sheds light on Microwork and Impact Sourcing highlighting the different sides of the industry by looking at what clients want out of service providers and how to ensure that workers are being offered steady work with future opportunity. Microwork is a series of small tasks [...]

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iMerit & Anudip Honored for Social Entrepreneurship

On October 9th, in Milpitas, CA, The Indians for Collective Action (ICA) honored Radha and Dipak Basu for their work developing IT and social entrepreneurship in India. The award recognized the Basus' work with NetHope, Jhumki Basu Foundation, Anudip Foundation, and iMerit. Anshu Gupta, social entrepreneur and founder of Goonj and Adhik Kadam, co-founder and [...]

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Forbes India: “Solving for India”

iMerit was named one of the five startups tackling social problems in India. Take a peak at what Forbes India had to say below, and read the whole article here. Ask any Nasscom company if they’d hire an underprivileged person, the answer is likely to be “well, they don’t have engineering degrees” or even a [...]

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Today: Biggest Tech for Development Conference

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are a key goal for reaching the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and empowering communities around the world. Starting today, leaders from tech, private industry, government and the development sector are going together to explore ways to harness cutting-edge information technology to help the world's most marginalized communities at the [...]

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USA Today: “Kolkata is India’s untold tech story, and most challenging”

As it grows at a rapid clip, India has been drawing global attention from tech companies large and small. In years past, eyes have been focused on Bangalore or Hyderabad; businesses have established outposts in Delhi or Mumbai. What of Kolkata? This piece by USA Today journalist Jon Swartz highlights the unique opportunities and challenges [...]

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How IT Skills Bridge Two Unlikely Worlds

"iMerit delivers not just human-powered computing, but human-empowered computing. " - Radha Basu, iMerit CEO iMerit has multiple centers around Kolkata, but perhaps the most unique is our Metiabruz center. Though all of our work is committed to training and employing women and youth, our Metiabruz center is entirely dedicated to the employment of women. [...]

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Women in Tech: The Next Generation

The drive from central Kolkata to Metiabruz, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Kolkata, should be rather quick. Instead, traffic snarls along the busy roads leading through docks along the Hoogly River. Trucks hauling shipping containers jam the roads, with men hauling goods on carts jostling for space in a mismatched battle for right [...]

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Unleashing the Power of ICTs

The effects the Internet and information and communication technologies (ICTs) have had and can continue to have on the world are undoubtedly huge. A decade ago, a diverse group of stakeholders came together at the UN Conference, “World Summit on the Information Society” (WSIS) to discuss just how Internet and ICTs could change our world. [...]

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iMerit Featured in Forbes, USA Today and IBT

As we announced our exciting funding news, the tech world took note. The $3.5 million invested in iMerit by Khosla Impact, Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, and Omidyar Network highlighted the importance of our work, and how central it is to the way work is done today. Take a look at some of the features! [...]

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Driving Global Development Through Social Responsibility

via Devex Impact iMerit's dedication to connecting marginalized youth and women with global digital employment opportunities was featured in Devex Impact. iMerit is part of a growing movement in companies and organizations seeking to direct what is a $300 billion outsourcing industry towards people in developing countries seeking skills and employment opportunities. "Socially responsible outsourcing," [...]

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