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Why I Care About Self-Learning, and You Should Too

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of self-learning. This conviction comes from a very personal place. When my daughter was in grade two, I wasn’t happy with the math curriculum at her school. At that time, I was traveling a lot for work and, though I may have wanted to, I could not direct the [...]

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Young Workers are Struggling; it’s Affecting Your Business

Youth around the world face challenges previous generations have not. No matter how much work they put in, many graduate ill-equipped for careers. Educational systems around the world aren’t reliably preparing youth for today’s careers, much less those of tomorrow. This lack of job-ready skills holds true in the U.S., just as much as it [...]

September 8th, 2016|Tags: , , , , |
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Growing Our Leadership Team with New Executives

We are excited to announce the appointment of two new executive team members. Jeff Mills has been named Global Vice President of Sales and Jai Natarajan as Vice President of Technology and Marketing. Mills will be responsible for the company’s overall international sales strategy and expanding iMerit’s blue chip client base - which already includes [...]

August 1st, 2016|Tags: , |
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Forbes India: “Solving for India”

iMerit was named one of the five startups tackling social problems in India. Take a peak at what Forbes India had to say below, and read the whole article here. Ask any Nasscom company if they’d hire an underprivileged person, the answer is likely to be “well, they don’t have engineering degrees” or even a [...]

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Meet the Data Experts: In Conversation

Last week, we introduced four of iMerit Metiabruz's data experts. This week, we delve deeper in to their stories, and get a glimpse of iMerit from their eyes. How did you first become interested in iMerit? Rukhsar: I would always notice how happy my cousin was after a shift working at iMerit, so I thought to [...]

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Meet the Data Experts

  iMerit’s Metiabruz center has no shortage of drive n and talented young women redefining the role of women in their community, and blazing a trail as iMerit's resident data experts. Four of these women take part in the Advanced Leadership Communication Training, led by Senior Communications Trainer Anita Chakrabarti. These four women – clockwise [...]

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Is Skill Training the Key to Digital Inclusion?

New technologies, more inclusion It feels as if new and diverse technologies are continually arising (and in some cases disappearing). In some parts of the world, new technology brings excitement and an easier way of life. In others, new technologies might leave out entire communities. Rural and suburban areas of developing countries, which often have [...]

April 14th, 2016|Tags: , , , , |
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USA Today: “Kolkata is India’s untold tech story, and most challenging”

As it grows at a rapid clip, India has been drawing global attention from tech companies large and small. In years past, eyes have been focused on Bangalore or Hyderabad; businesses have established outposts in Delhi or Mumbai. What of Kolkata? This piece by USA Today journalist Jon Swartz highlights the unique opportunities and challenges [...]

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Introducing Our Newest Voice

Last month, you met Joyram and Intaj, two of iMerit's Kolkata-based workers who will be contributing their expertise and perspective. Today, we welcome our newest iMerit blog voice, John Simpson. John is an American India Foundation Clinton Fellow with iMerit, and he is working with our training teams to make sure we provide relevant and [...]

February 8th, 2016|Tags: , |
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How IT Skills Bridge Two Unlikely Worlds

"iMerit delivers not just human-powered computing, but human-empowered computing. " - Radha Basu, iMerit CEO iMerit has multiple centers around Kolkata, but perhaps the most unique is our Metiabruz center. Though all of our work is committed to training and employing women and youth, our Metiabruz center is entirely dedicated to the employment of women. [...]

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