KinaTrax | World Series-Winning Machine Vision


KinaTrax is developing a markerless motion capture system used by Major League Baseball (MLB) teams to measure their players’ performance, fatigue, and risk of injury. Using in-game footage of players captured from twelve different cameras, KinaTrax is building machine vision algorithms capable of analyzing the movements of MLB pitchers. MLB teams can then use these analyses in order to make decisions about player health, performance, and safety.


iMerit teams are involved in the KinaTrax process from end-to-end. We first process in-game video footage of players and create still images from the footage. We then annotate the images based on the needs of the KinaTrax algorithms. These images are fed back into KinaTrax processes for ongoing analysis and distribution to MLB teams.


iMerit teams created accurate 3D models for over 300 MLB pitchers. These models are used as foundations for ongoing in-game analysis by KinaTrax and were used by the 2016 Chicago Cubs in their historic World Series win.




Annotation + Tagging, Moderation, Data Enrichment, Dataset Creation


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