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Catholic Relief Services is an international aid institution operating projects in emergency relief, HIV/AIDS programs, agriculture, education and peacebuilding. With over 5000 operational staff in more than 90 countries, CRS requires a strong back-office communication system to keep the organization running successfully and to ensure that each objective is achieved. Before working with iMerit, CRS staff had a complex system with considerable backlog.

CRS wanted to centralize the entire IT communications process by re-organizing the system to receive, assign, and solve IT user requests from every office in the world, with any level of complexity.


iMerit approached this problem from a perspective of designing a process that would efficiently organize the issues described by users and then identify and re-route to the specific tech support staff designated to resolve each issue.

By separating Tier 1 from Tier 2 services, iMerit was able to more quickly separate and resolve easier concerns while efficiently designating Tier 2 services to the proper location. This created a quick and efficient system to operate back office tech support, and benefited staff around the world and important projects on the ground.


CRS started to see an initial impact from this project within a week:

  • Backlog returned to normal levels within one week
  • Facilitated a 78% increase in ticket volume
  • Decreased in-house backlog work by 20%
  • Increased confidence among operational staff in efficiency of IT service support

The result was an overall successful initial engagement with iMerit Global Service Desk practices. The system ensured that in-house technicians would be able to solve user issues in the most effective manner, while improving the front end service to all staff members in need of technical support.

Given the success of the initial 3 month engagement, support was expanded from 18 hours, 5 days per week to 24 hours, 7 days per week and continues today.


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