Financial Data Extraction, Transcription, Moderation


Data in the financial industry must be up-to-date, highly precise, and gathered from a number of sources. Though collection of this information is often automated or processed by machine learning algorithms, human judgement is still a critical part of ensuring information validity, relevance, and accuracy.

This financial information services company needed to gather information on earnings calls, transcribe call recordings, and extract data on international funds. These diverse streams of data are critical to their in-house knowledge, and must be accurate and often updated in real-time.


iMerit teams used multi-step processes to gather information from recordings, calendars, and documents. They extracted relevant information, and built datasets, ensuring that data exactly fit client needs.

These teams leveraged existing client processes, added on automation where possible and useful, and then inserted human intelligence into the process. Results were passed through human Quality Control mechanisms and delivered directly to the client.


The accuracy of the project has inspired other teams within the client company to seek out iMerit solutions to their sticky problems. So far, iMerit teams have exceeded client needs, ensuring accurate and up-to-date data.

For one set of data, iMerit turned around information on 3,500 funds within one day. For another project, iMerit teams gathered information on industry movers and shakers at the rate of 50,000 per month.


Multinational financial services company.


Entity Extraction, Data Enrichment, Data Aggregation, Verification + Validation


Financial Services


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