Ensuring Online Shoppers Find What They Need


Teespring receives thousands of unique, user-submitted merchandise designs every day, and displays these on their website where buyers can find and purchase unique merchandise. In order to have a successful marketplace, user-submitted designs must be categorized and labeled based on their contents, and style. This ensures that interested buyers can find what they’re looking for, or even happen upon something they didn’t even know they wanted.

Accurately categorizing the user-submitted designs is a very important part of Teespring’s model, and requires input from individuals dedicated to quality and speed. In-house and external solutions both present challenges.

Teespring sought a flexible team that could respond to spikes in submissions, while providing reliable, high-quality results and ongoing improvements.


iMerit developed an item moderation and categorization process with Teespring, which handles hundreds of unique items each day. The taxonomy iMerit and Teespring use was initially reviewed and optimized by iMerit experts with deep commerce taxonomy experience.

Designs can be placed in multiple categories, with multiple levels, in order to ensure they are findable through a variety of shopper queries. iMerit teams do this each day, enabling Teespring to keep up with influxes of new designs.


This is an ongoing project with increasing quality. Teespring has expressed satisfaction with results so far, and are eager to continue the partnership.




Categorization, Moderation




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