1.1 Million and Counting: Keeping Users Safe & Happy


What happens when you have a huge user base – millions of users – whose safety and satisfaction are critical? What if you have millions of secure service tickets that you need processed in real-time? This on-demand economy client faced these challenges and turned to the power of a curated, secure workforce to ensure data security and speed.

Facing an unending stream of service tickets from users with queries both immediately critical and more quotidian, they needed a reliable and secure 24/7 solution to triage these tickets.


iMerit workers review each secure service ticket as they come in, mark urgency level, and assign topical content tags. We work on third-party platforms that feed seamlessly into the client’s internal systems, ensuring that data is transmitted speedily and securely. Our workers are trained in data security and information confidentiality.


iMerit teams have triaged over 1.1 million secure service tickets. These teams have also processed huge, unforeseen spikes in incoming tickets, ramping up to several hundred workers over the course of one weekend alone. This flexibility granted the client stability and a continued record of customer support.


Ridesharing Company


Categorization, Sentiment Analysis, Moderation


High Tech


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