When we think of applications for big data, we mostly imagine leveraging it for technology, analysis, and business insights. But what about sports?

For the last year, iMerit has been working with KinaTrax to build accurate 3D models of all Major League Baseball (MLB) pitchers. These models are based on massive amounts of video data captured in-game from 12 different camera angles. iMerit teams sift through the video data and annotate pitchers’ movements throughout their pitch. These models are used by teams to monitor pitchers’ performance and to prevent injury. One team using this technology is the Chicago Cubs, who are headed to the World Series for the first time in 45 years.

Could this kind of technology be giving them the edge they need? Read more from Sport Techie here.

Cubs win! Take a look at how iMerit and KinaTrax technology leveraged big data and contributed to this historic win. Read more.

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