“iMerit delivers not just human-powered computing, but human-empowered computing.”

Radha Basu, CEO


Our work can help:

Full-time Employees
24/7 Delivery Centers

iMerit’s model taps the potential of bright young women and men through a partnership with Anudip Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to training marginalized youth in IT and tech skills. Once they join our team, these highly motivated employees continue evolving in a fast-paced professional global services environment, and become valuable members of the digital economy.

iMerit sources its talent from Anudip Foundation, a nonprofit that mobilizes underserved young men and women and prepares them for the employment in the digital world through its Market Aligned Skills Training (MAST) program.


Through this partnership with Anudip, we ensure that both the business and social impact of iMerit are sustainable and ongoing. We have access to a large pool of capable and highly motivated talent, with off-the-charts retention and engagement levels, which directly translate into exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Once they join iMerit, our employees find themselves in a professional global service environment with no compromise in quality and delivery metrics. They are continuously trained in new tasks and new domains. The progression plan means our workers are focused, dedicated, and constantly evolving. Process learnings stay in-house, delivery results are consistent and repeatable, workers are motivated to learn and contribute more, and clients can take a long term view of fulfilling their data needs because they can rely upon our accuracy, value and scale. Doing good makes great business sense!

iMerit’s approach to upskilling begins with initial market-aligned training, and lasts throughout the careers of our employees. Our nonprofit partner Anudip mobilizes and trains educated but marginalized youth in market-aligned technology and workplace readiness skills. This is followed by a specialized training module for the kinds of digital data tasks that iMerit performs.

Once employed, skilled team members are matched to projects. We analyze project requirements, and provide further project-aligned training. Throughout our projects, we monitor quality and add targeted coaching by senior delivery staff and in-house training staff, to ensure optimal performance and active learning.

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